Bradford Middleton, 12/9/2019

Current Occupation:  Low-grade sales assistant for big supermarket company.
Former Occupation: Student, Music PR, writer, admin serf.
Contact Information: Bradford Middleton lives in Brighton on England's south coast.  When he isn't writing stories and poems he can often be found on the check-out at a local supermarket.  For more from him follow @BradfordMiddle5 on Twitter.




I woke this morning and the first thing I felt was
A wave of nausea overwhelming me, leaving me
Weak, running to my toilet.  I let it all go, a long
Simple puke that left me feeling not a whole
Lot better.  After washing down I had some food,
A mug of tea and a wee little smoke.  The day
Carried on almost normally and I soon forgot
About my morning incident, I suppose I'm kinda
Used to it, that early morning puke but generally it's
Caused by a heroic consumption of booze the
Night before.  This time it’s simple to see the cause
Of this nausea, the thought of work that I'll have to
Return to tomorrow after a week off de-stressing
Off sick.  Oh well, wait until tomorrow when I puke
Up over the feet of my first new customer.

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