Alan Elyshevitz, 2/20/2011

Current Occupation: College English Professor
Former Occupation: Production Editor for Scientific Journals
Contact Information: Alan Elyshevitz is a poet and short story writer from East Norriton, PA. His poems have appeared most recently in Orion headless, Serving House Journal, and Poets for Living Waters. In addition, he has published two poetry chapbooks: The Splinter in Passion’s Paw (New Spirit) and Theory of Everything (Pudding House). Currently he teaches writing at the Community College of Philadelphia.


9 AM

Information is power
-drilled into the office walls,
lively wires pulled taut
and stapled to the baseboards.
From multiple stations
data converge at the desk top
where our half-old manager
stations her coffee cups.
We are three hours faster
than Angelenos who sleep
in their ethos of water and sun.

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