Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in WORK Literary Magazine!


Please read the guidelines carefully. Do not submit PDFs.

We are currently open to submissions of previously unpublished:

short fiction and nonfiction
flash fiction (750 words or less)

No PDF Submissions.

No simultaneous submissions.

Please submit Word documents. No PDFs.

Email documents to workzine AT or paste text into the below form.

    WORK Literary Magazine Wish List includes creative pieces such as:

    inter-office memos, chat, and conversations
    pink slips
    photocopy & office supply art
    failed resumes and cover letters

    If confidentiality is an issue, please change or censor the relevant names and addresses.


    We reserve 1-6 months for submission review.


    If the form does not work, you can send an email directly to workzine AT with SUBMISSION in the subject line. 

    7 Comments on “Submission Guidelines

    1. Hey, I am trying to submit, but it keeps giving me a malfunction code. If you can please assist, I would appreciate it.



      • We seek to make submissions easy for you!

        Email workzine @ with your file attached as "SUBMISSION" in the subject line. 

        Or you may paste the content of your text into the contact form to submit online. Sadly, the form does not allow attachments due to our current hosting limitations. 

    2. Hey there, if a writer doesn’t hear anything during the six month reading period does that mean the story has been rejected?

      • We endeavor to send a response within that time frame. It is possible submissions vanish into SPAM or the webform doesn’t function properly. If you suspect a submission was lost, email directly to workzine @ and check in. 


        Thank you for asking!

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