Issue 3.38

Charles Deemer sh-booms the do wop a be bop with a rewind job redefining “work”.


What? Not a single interview submitted to the contest? It will be a heated battle between Memoir, Fiction and Essay unless you submit an interview this week.

If you have an interview to submit, go ahead and send it over. If not, here are some suggestions: interview your boss or someone with multiple jobs or your grandmother – everybody has a story about work.

Submissions due: May 28 for memoir and interview.

Submissions due: June 1 for fiction.


News flash:
Former Work-er Matt Love received a great write-up from The Oregonian newspaper this week for his new book. Read the review here.

If you are a past Work writer and have updates and news about your diligent efforts, email the editors at workzine [at] gmail. We are happy to spread the word.

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