Catherine Sutthoff Slaton brings new words to the farm.

Andrew Paul: sick of it all.

Linda M. Crate is, dare we say, sick of this shit.



We hope you are doing okay during this time of uncertainty. We didn't think during a 2 week "vacation" from WORK that the world would experience rapid spread of a pandemic. Here we are. 


If you have any experiences regarding layoffs, terminations, furlough, work-from-home, or straight up loss of income due to C19 and want to see your experience shared on the WORK Zine website, send an email to with "submission" in the subject line. Let us know if you prefer to be anonymous. 

For Leap Year, we're taking a 2 week vacation. Thank you for checking in and continuing to read along with WORK. If you ever thought you might want to submit your own story, please do! We'd love to see your take on the theme of work. Just put "submission" in the subject line and email to workzine at 

Thank god it's Friday, says Lou Gallo.

Kathrine Yets will not be doing the work today. No, thank you.

Jared Pearce returns with three fresh perspectives.

From the north to the south, Sunil Sharma is there, highlighting the divides.

Here's looking at you, kid. Read more by Charles Rammelkamp, former detective

Jared Pearce brings us three poems of paint, pop, and pictures. 

Joseph S. Pete is reporting for duty, Sir.