Issue 11.3

Peter F. Crowley has got enthusiasm to spare.

Issue 11.2

Imposter Syndrome? Tell Mark Blickley about it. 

Issue 11.1

Robert Bak and a display of mixed nuts contend for your attention. 

Issue 10.52

Vincent Bell demonstrates how not much has changed.

Issue 10.51

Robert Cooperman has a lot of concerns about your prospects in your new career.


People, it's been 10 years since 8/31/2009 when we launched WORK. We appreciate you – authors, artists, strivers, soul-divers – you make it all worth while.

Issue 10.50

M. F. McAuliffe debates Ursula Le Guin's ghost with great solemnity, great unveiling, great jousting, great loss.

Issue 10.49

Manic moments, down moments. Control & controlled. Colleen Wells leads us through the darkness.

Issue 10.48

Danyal Kim: exciting work vs routine work vs maddening work vs no work – 2 poems.

Issue 10.47

Bob Thurber explains that it's called Outsourcing, & it's a sin.


Issue 10.46

William Metcalfe shares a cushy armed forces experience. 

Issue 10.45

John Grey returns with 3 poems focused on grind and grunt.