Issue 10.39

Rajni Mishra provides the recipe to success. 8 oz. snark whipped with creamed yawns of tedium.

Issue 10.38

DS Maolalai explores convergence and division, light and room, direction and love.

Issue 10.37

Darrell Petska explores the difference between us and them – the client, customer, patient vs. provider, doctor, nurse.

Issue 10.36

Ernesto Reyes explores myths and dreamers. 


Issue 10.35

Everyone looks over head, but self awareness and daring do improve the situation in Therese Miller's short.

Issue 10.34

1944 and Robert Bak and the war effort.

Issue 10.33

William Metcalfe handles a strange request. 

Issue 10.32

M. F. McAuliffe explores the office landscape.

Issue 10.31

Efficiency and improvements from Peter F. Crowley.

Issue 10.30

It's only 3.5 hours. Anyone can survive that, right? Right?! Colleen Wells might disagree.

Issue 10.29

Daniel S. Jones is on an elimination lifestyle of poetry and philosophy.