Issue 10.28

Keith Landrum is completely done with this shit. 

Issue 10.27

Dawn Corrigan and your run-of-the-mill heroes.


Check out Dawn's inter-office email thread dated 2004 (published 2014).

Issue 10.26

Lani Cox: stabbed, drained, left for dead in a pile of documents and safety gear.

Issue 10.25

Kim Ann and the horrors of one of the most irritating situations ever hour after hour, day after day.

Issue 10.24

Ron Singer documents bellhops and hipsters, barkers and jokers.

Issue 10.23

Lea Baker and the endless stretch of unemployment.

Issue 10.22

Vincent Casaregola explains: they could make a quiche out of you. Unless you show up with brussel sprouts – in which case you, won't get the job.

Issue 10.21

Meghan Louise Wagner  dishes on brokers.

Issue 10.20

Thomas O. Davenport describes THE END OF THE WORLD. Just kidding. It's only the robot take-over. 

Issue 10.19

The grind is real, when it comes to Bradford Middleton's heart.


Do yourself a favor and look up Middleton's past submissions here

Issue 10.18

Adina Ferguson demonstrates how to obey the force & survive an attack.