Casinos and fleabags and pools with Mike Bates

A fine dining experience with Jan Priddy.

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Commentary rich, we introduce you to Mark Blickley.


Congrats to past WORKer, Guinotte Wise, whose second book, "Ruined Days," a thriller/crime novel, is published by Black Opal Books. Read a short excerpt or get it now via Amazon.

In this instance, the guys Devin Donovan write about know how to talk about holes.

Matt McGowan shares a story about the work no one talks about.

Hiromi Yoshida uncovers the body behind the artwork.

James Alley does some heavy lifting.


You may recall Benjamin Schmitt previous works. Go grab his new book of poems, Dinner Table Refuge.  

Robert Gregory's audio interface captures a challenge and a brag.

An editor's dream, as outlined by Joshua Steele.

It's like a gif of a most embarassing moment. Robert Bak saves the day.

Get ready for serious boredom transformed into fascinating details, by Jeff Wise.