In our last post of 2014, Bradford Middleton takes us through the nightmare vision of struggle.

It's a sure bet that the substitute teacher is in a hard racket as illustrated by Matthew Duffus.

Three poems by return-to-WORKer Drew Pisarra this week. Aren't you lucky?


Go back in time and see what Drew was up to in 2013.

Economic strive, Benjamin Schmitt style.

Sometimes it's the other people, the quiet people, around us, not those who are intent to ruin things, that make big differences in the world, in our life. Nancy White explains in this lovely first person narrative. 

File under 'Best Jobs Ever'? Maybe not. Try working with the lady in the Doll Hair Salon. We're in love with this piece by Katie DeBruhl.

In this issue of WORK, Charles Rammelkamp goes into retirement.

Jon Simmons explores how Miscommunication leads to Intercommunication.

Balance, freedom, emptiness, achievement, excitement, notoriety … what makes a person happy? (And is 'being happy' what life is all about?) Thank Dan Morey for this choice slice.

There are types, and then there are types. Gary A. Berg learns word choice can make or break the movie industry.

A new waiter assists in a splurge. This week's poem by Thomas Michael McDade.


Past WORKers are busy! Check out Gary Beck's new book of Poetry: Songs of a Clerk.

Book Trailer through this link: Watch