An essay on Labor Day by Brittany R. Clark.


Welcome to year 6 of WORK.

Annie Lampman's poem works around the clock.

Say goodbye to year 5 of WORK. Next week starts year 6!

Jaymee Jordan faces death head-on!

Mather Schneider enjoys the brief moments with passengers in his taxi cab.

Dawn Corrigan states about this week's piece:

Attached please find a Word document showing an exchange of emails between myself and several of my coworkers, back when I was managing a small tech support call center in the early aughts. At issue was how we were going to spend some of our discretionary bonus money that week. We always set aside a chunk of the money for a meal on Friday, usually breakfast, and it was always a topic of lively interest. But that week, the mother of one of our team members had offered to cater lunch for us, and the ensuing email discussion rose to previously unseen rhetorical heights.

 (I feel compelled to assert that our clients continued to receive the same great customer service my team always offered, while the debate raged on.)