Abigail Hargreaves embodies Tiffany Hawkins, multitalented college grad. "I think you'll find I'm adaptable."

Some jobs we pretend don't exist. After cleaning up pools of blood, how does the job feel? Pamela Skjolsvik gets the details.

Theft, racism, and life with few options: Ruth Rouff packs the Plush.

Every business open to the public has a few stories. I remember one time a patron of an establishment I worked at sat down, peeled his shoes and socks off and proceeded to pee on the floor. For these moments, there is an incident report. This week, Kendall Sharpe shares some choice moments from Starbucks.

Subbing never looked so complicated. Let's get one thing straight: Rachel Cann is not the problem here.

George Thomas is cut, shaped, turned through inhalation, gaze, humanity.

Mr. Thomas shared other work with us some months ago. Read it.

This week we see Calum Kerr‘s office is fortified.

That guy might be your boss, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an idiot. Yong Takahashi explores the inner workings of the types you love to hate.

What would happen if you decided not to go in to work? Tony Woodlief outlines the possibility.

All the desire, all the mechanization, all the denial: welcome to Linda Crate‘s MATRIX.

To tux or not to tux? This and other questions plague our protagonist this week. Thank Bryce Journey. Wacka-doo watches are the only problem this kid has to deal with.