Sawdust with Maple Syrup. Spey Rod is back to tell it like it is.

This week, two poems in shifty retort by David S. Pointer.

Arch rivals contending for the same job openings! Christina Brandon is there.

On the job accident. John McCaffrey show how these things happen too.

Buried dreams and the hope of future lives. Saligrama K. Aithal remembers a visit with Grandpa.

Slice into a day in the life of a physician. Story by Dileep Jhaveri.

Systems Failure! Yong Takahashi rejoins WORK, this time sharing a scene of utter office desperation.


P.S. Welcome to year five at WORK. We'd send you a commemorative pin, if there wasn't a recession going on.

It is important you have the right look. David Spiering demonstrates how the shoes make the man.

Inside an institution for the developmentally disabled, C.C. Frye, despite antibacterial scouring, shows how nothing gets clean and one may still find passion amid disorder.

Chad W. Lutz is dealing with the worst ever.

The search for escape continues. Lindsay Fowler's flash fiction unboxes a ballerina.