A moment on a train platform, and perception shifts for life. Eugene Durante is on patrol.

Don't let the bastards get you down. The taxi driver in Rachel Cann makes realizations, resolutions.

Rachel's past work includes: Job


Into the archives of an older gentleman, Laura Story Johnson.

Front-page news: no more stock options, promises broken. Mary Rodriguez takes us there.

Robyn Segal had gone past watching all the TV she could and finally reached ultimate isolation. It was finally time to get up and *do* something.

Two lovely portraits of place this week. Peter Neil Carroll takes us to Alabama and Nancy J. Rodwan takes us to Oklahoma.

Two delicious shorts this week demonstrate how what goes up must come down.

Marc J. Sheehan spins a surreal story of dislocation.

Marc Swan shares the frailty of a human stacked against a machine.

And special thank you to Jerry at www.hepdev.com for fixing the WORK website after an update locked our editor out.

Furlough, car accidents, and a  Hong Kong rollerdisco lesbian vampire kungfu movie illustrate intensity and concern in R.V. Branham's tasty story.

Lowered Expectations: Any job where the paychecks don't bounce is sufficient for Steve Theme in this week's story.

Steve has rocked the pages of WORK before. Read his Junkyard Royalty.

Some days there are emergencies, and some days you get a wink and a smile. Poems by Ellen Wade Beals and Lou Gallo.

The infinity loop of exchange in our perpetual working world, by Meredith Minister.