Happy New Year! While we are diligently working for our pay, WORK will take a short vacation. It’s been years since our last vacation. Take a break, rest your eyes – you deserve it.

Time is marching on. Ron Roy will guide you.

He’s been here before, so you are in good hands.


Past worker, Bart Plantenga, has books for sale. Go check him out at Barncott Press.


Look … we need to talk. Caroline Taylor has already prepped you about this, right?

Where is the beauty in janitorial work? This custodian delivers the secret joys and wonder. Welcome Danny P. Barbare to WORK.

Marc Swan travels around the world in three poems.

“I find it hard to believe you would find a much more qualified candidate than me.” And yet Leonard Owen III was passed up over and again.

“There, now you can add that to your resume.” From cashier to grocery manager, Suzy Eynon encounters the worst customers ever.

Your progress will be evaluated based on the criteria provided by Hugh Burkhart.

Jerred Jolin gets all Henry Miller up in this place.

Some jobs are translucent, like being a mother. Thanks to Moriah Erickson, we can read about it.

Check out Moriah’s past WORKs from September 2010, March 2011, and April 2012.

Spey Rod is back at it. This time he’s got the KEY.


Check out Spey”s “Post Tenure Fish in the Machine” and Satori on I-84 in the back issues of WORK.