Issue 3.48

Two poems to polish off July! Listed in Alphabetical Order: David Frazier and Mike Jurkovick.

David Frazier (who says, “I wrote, “Steel Memories” a recollection and dedication to my Grandpa and Dad. From their third generation steelworker Son/Grandson.”)

Mike Jurkovick (and the weathermen loves Emily most of all.)

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Issue 3.47

doooooom. That’s right. This week we feature Doooooom. Robert A Bak illuminates.

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Issue 3.46

Hunting for work? Thomas Cannon knows all about it.

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Issue 3.45

This week, W. F. Lantry opens the door to an office in paradise.

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Issue 3.44

Obamacare? Marc Swan digs life in insurance.

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