Fresh this week, 4 diverse poems by former Wine and Spirits Expert Mark J. Mitchell.

Last day for Essay submissions: 4/30. Submit ’em if you got ’em. In these days of economic turmoil, what better way to examine the reality of school mergers, successive years of unemployment, the battalions overseeing international upheaval, or community supported agriculture. There’s so much to write about! Get crackin’! Employee of the Year Contest guidelines through this link.

Essay is a discussion or examination of a particular topic or theme, not  necessarily related to the author.

Carolyn Gregory takes us on a voyage. We’d call it vacation, except it’s still all about work.

Now you know full well that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t enjoy writing. Probably you are a writer. What better time to submit your rants, raves, and rollicking roisters to WORK than during our one-time-a-year contest? Essays are due in a mere week. April 30th is the deadline. Submit today! Email to workzine -at- gmail

This week, Mary Slocum fires up the grindstone in three sharp poems.

Don’t wait to submit your writing to WORK’s 3rd annual Employee of the Year Contest. Entry fee is $10, but you could win $100, great goodies, and the grand prize title. Guidelines are on our contest rules page.

This week, Moriah Erickson get all nicey-nurse on us.

Former Work-er, Matt Love, (Issue 2.8, Issue 2.47, and Issue 1.5) has released his book about the filming of Sometimes A Great Notion. Read the interview. Buy the book.

Three brief poems by Max West to not so much brighten your day.