“Alright maggots! Strap on your helmets and grab your cameras … we’re takin’ the bridge.”

This week, go over the top with Matt Love’s memoir submission, “Taking the bridge.”

“The nudity will be shot very tastefully.” Yeah, where have we heard that before…? Find out in Denise Emanuel Clemens’s memoir piece, “The Dead and the Naked.”


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Grease, buttheads, and the Vietnam War intrude on Steve Theme’s why-bother-planning adventure, “Junkyard Royalty” — honorable mention in the Employee of the Month memoir category.

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What could be better than sitting on the front stoop, the July sun on your face, and enjoying Becca Deysach’s memoir, “Doing Bliss,” on your old- or new-school reading device?

<Overheard at the circulation desk> “You need some movies that cram the history of English literature — 800 years worth — into four hours? By tomorrow? Sure thing!”

… Have you hugged a librarian lately?


Today’s selection is Fiction Runner-up Moira McAuliffe’s “Films for All.”

Dear Readers,

It may seem like choosing winners for the annual WORK writing contest (heretofore and henceforward to be known as Employee of the Year) is an easy, breezy thing to do. We would like you to know that conflict, fist-to-cuffs, and hour upon hour of detail-focused reading went into this years’ contest decision making.  

So it is that the editors of WORK wish to introduce over the next few weeks the Honorable Mentions, those amazing works which forced us to create an elaborate ranking system via Excel spreadsheet.

First up, Jennifer Barton and her nostalgia trip, Paradiso Lost. Memoir Runner-up and champion of projectionist everywhere.

Fiction category winner, Alissa Nielsen, dives into the restaurateur deep end.

Learn Flash Fiction from Alissa at her June 18, 2011, writing workshop through Indigo Editing, or you can see her live and in person at the September 7, 2011, First Wednesday Reading.


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Trumpets sound! Flags wave! The crowd cheers!

Employee of the Month is here!

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER swept the Memoir category and the grand prize into her multi-tasking clutches: Nancy Brown and her “First Day at the BA” will receive $100, a limited edition WORK team tee-shirt, a classy unframed certificate and the opportunity to read her piece in Portland, Oregon.

Next week, we’ll unveil Nancy’s runner-up, the Fiction category winner.

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Just as with car tires, it’s a good idea to regularly rotate your vices. Al Simmons shows us how in the poems “Chick N’ Ribs” and “A Short Career In Crime.”

We will announce our second ever Employee of the Month next week! Don’t miss it!

Lynn Pattison describes the leapfrog effect of male testosterone in the prose poem, “Lumber Camp.”

Bait your breath while we tally votes for the Second Annual Employee of the Month Contest!

What favors would you trade for a free footlong?  Adam Matcho tells us in his poems “Fastfood Affair” and “Romance, On The Clock.”

Could you be the next Mary Shelley? The Employee of the Month Contest’s  Fiction Deadline is Friday, 5/20. Submit today!