Timothy Dyson has clanking precision  in three excellent poems. Feel the grit! Next week we enter year three of WORK.  The past year of Sunday publications was fun, but starting next week WORK returns to Monday editions.

This week Al Simmons wows in his poem One Day During The Riots. P.S. Mr. Simmons has a fabulous collection of poems ready for publishing … someone oughta contact him. Let us know and we’ll hook you up.

This week features the return of Adam Matcho with two radical poems which are included in a soon-to-be-published collection called Six Dollars an Hour: Confessions of a Gemini Writer. Guess what?! Matcho’s collection won Nerve Cowboy’s chapbook contest. Look for …

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In national and state parks, in garbage bins of all colors and sizes, in barrooms and demi-whore houses, at car washes and seafood restaurants, Louis Bourgeois collected cans.