Issue 2:39

Just as with car tires, it’s a good idea to regularly rotate your vices. Al Simmons shows us how in the poems “Chick N’ Ribs” and “A Short Career In Crime.”

We will announce our second ever Employee of the Month next week! Don’t miss it!

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Issue 2:38

Lynn Pattison describes the leapfrog effect of male testosterone in the prose poem, “Lumber Camp.”

Bait your breath while we tally votes for the Second Annual Employee of the Month Contest!

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Issue 2:37

What favors would you trade for a free footlong?  Adam Matcho tells us in his poems “Fastfood Affair” and “Romance, On The Clock.”

Could you be the next Mary Shelley? The Employee of the Month Contest’s  Fiction Deadline is Friday, 5/20. Submit today!

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Issue 2:36

Deja Earley dreams.

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Issue 2:35

Lindsey R. Loucks cuts the turkey babble in Alpha Female Office Wolf.

May 20th ends the Employee of the Month Contest final submission period. Find your fictional best and send it over, Stat.

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