Why is it that the most diligent works seem to be paid less?  Jan Priddy shares her experiences with teachers aides; those groomed and thoughtful underpaid caretakers of teachers and youth.

Perry Genovesi shares a 300-word flash focused on a daydreaming white collar employee. A day in the life never felt so good.

This week’s Memoir Contest Runner-up, Ilana Long, dives into the depths of waiting for a gig while waitressing.

Our Non Fiction Contest Runner-up, Bryen Kaynash Kufa, takes WORK to Namibia.

Also this week, an interview with Tawanda, a career counselor who grew up in South Africa, shares her “Fuck It” survival technique.

Last week our Grand Prize contest winner taught us a key workplace survival skill. This week our Memoir Category winner, Bruce Greene, brings us a day in the life of a cannery worker. Pear, anyone?

Kate Baggott is Employee of the Month! When it comes to WORK, Kate knows all the ins and outs. Save yourself some trouble and take the following lesson from Kate. She is WORK’s grand prize winner.

Ahh, summer. Love is in the air, kind of. Contest runner-up Kendra Lyris explores the aftershocks of unemployment.

Also this week: we announce our Employee of the Month contest winners! Watch for the memo.

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