Issue 1:7

Domestic Engineer Melodie Barker gets out of this world.

Emilie Lindemann can see London and France and someone’s …

Easy employment? Good luck with your new job at TGI Friday’s

Issue 1:6

Jonathan Harris lifts The Daily Grind.

An analysis of the economic merits of Housekeeping.

Issue 1:5

Matt Love trains you on How To Become America’s Worst High School Freshman Advisor.

For some it is not enough to make a career in this life. They dive into Second Life for a second everything.

Issue 1:4

Au Pair Care.

Issue 1:3

Sean Davis, Waiting on a Sandwich

T. Luke Strahota interviews Professor Mary Preis.

Issue 1:2

Navigating an application to Blackwater USA

and M.F. McAuliffe’s The Private Sektor.

Issue 1:1

Welcome to the first issue of WORK.

An auspicious beginning featuring , A Short Essay on the Modern Workplace.

And a commentary on Whole Foods