Issue 1:18

The Devil’s in the details, they say. This short story by Michael Constantine McConnell will keep you on your toes.

Also, tis the season to make improvements. You can inflict these improvements on yourself.

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Issue 1:17

This week’s issue features poetry by Portland’s own Ric Vrana.

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Issue 1:16

This week, we take it easy with a single poem by Harry Calhoun.

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Issue 1:15

This week, another excerpt from our fabulous contributor M.F. McAuliffe.

Also, if you’re trapped inside by winter weather, consider studying Angelology. It really works! No, really!

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Issue 1:14

Plumb the depths of blue-collar labor with a poem by Mike Berger.

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Issue 1:13

This issue features a frightening and funny one-act play by Alex Gagne-Hawes.

Also, human hazards on the job hunt, in a nonfiction essay by Kendra Lyris.

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Issue 1:12

Woof! This week, we feature a poem by Dog Poet Laureate Susie DeFord.

Also, some thoughts on coffee, baristas, and Portland.

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Issue 1:11

This week: an all-true adventure by Calogero Grodecki.

Also, the latest scientific research on workplace satisfaction.

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Issue 1:10

Houston, we have a problem. NASA is hiring and, well, things aren’t going smoothly.

Also, a disturbance in the workplace by John Blackard.

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Issue 1:9

We return to the white-collar working world with a poem by Laura Lehew.

Also, what is this Craigslist ad looking for? We can’t tell, either.

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Issue 1:8

The practical and the creative mingle in Luke Strahota’s interview with Jonathan Drews.

Also, we feature artwork by Ernest Williamson III.

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